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Robert D. (Dave) Dorney is a Licensed and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has practiced in the field of rehabilitation for over 30 years.  He specialized early in the area of vocational evaluation, testing and work sampling through an internship at Santa Fe Community College and later at Delaware Curative Workshop which contracted with the State of Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide a “one-stop” intake service which included vocational assessment.  He has worked with clinical and industrial psychologists and is well versed in the administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized test batteries relating to intelligence, aptitudes, achievement, and personality.  In March 2012, Mr. Dorney was invited to the CRC Exam Item Writing Workshop held by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification in Schaumburg, Illinois.

In private practice, Mr. Dorney has worked for the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs in developing individualized rehabilitation and job placement plans.  He has served as a vocational expert for the Social Security Administration.  His most active caseloads have involved personal injury and workers’ compensation.  Most recently, Mr. Dorney was a labor market consultant for the State Compensation Fund (SCF Arizona) which included testimony before the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA).  During the calendar year of 2012, the ICA issued Awards that were a strong reflection of the earning capacity opinions submitted by Mr. Dorney.  Nearly a third (32.8%) of the awards that were based on position papers submitted by Mr. Dorney, were in full agreement with the hourly wage earning capacity position paper.  This was a disparity ratio of 1.0 or no difference.  Overall, the disparity ratio between the hourly wage proposed by Mr. Dorney and the hourly wage set by the ICA was 1.14 (showing little disparity).  This compares to a disparity ratio of 1.94 for all occupations in the Phoenix metro area when looking at the difference between the 10th and 50th percentile wages for all occupations.   With respect to wages, if the disparity ratio equals 2, then the wage at the 50th percentile is twice as large as the wage at the 10th.  The disparity ratio for the 10th and 25th percentile wages in the Phoenix MSA labor market was 1.29 (according to the May 2011 OES employment and wage estimates).  Some occupations have little disparity between the percentile wages while others have very high magnitude of difference between percentiles.  Mr. Dorney has conducted research to identify key variables in earning capacity for job entrants – particularly those who were either unemployed or outside the workforce and those entering a different occupation than the one held before.

In November 2011, Mr. Dorney presented at the International Association of Rehabilitation Providers (IARP) Forensic Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on the topic of “What is the Market Driven Entry Level Wage?”  IN 2010, he authored “The Reasonable Availability of Jobs” which appeared in The Rehabilitation Professional (Vol. 18, No. 3).

Robert (Dave) Dorney, MS, CRC, LPC

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  • Vocational Services is an evidence-based practice providing forensic vocational rehabilitation evaluation, testing, literature review, labor market search, loss of earning capacity analysis, and expert witness testimony.
    Review of education, employment, and tax records.
  • Clinical interview including vocational testing with test scoring and interpretation.
  • Labor market research, employer sampling & job analysis.
  • Assessment of lost earning capacity.
  • Occupational Research utilizing advanced features of U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census.  Read: Parsing the Data Points.